3 Ways to Change Font Size in WordPress Website


Change Font Size in WordPress Website:

Text formatting is an important thing in article writing. You can easily change font size in WordPress. In this post you will find the 3 ways to increase or decrease font size and text formatting in WordPress.

1. Paragraph Heading

Some time people want a bigger font size to grab attention of readers specially for heading. In WordPress editor you can easily change the heading size by selecting the option in Paragraph drop down field. You can select Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 etc. options  for changing the size.

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Theme’s stylesheet file controlled this sizes. Headings in your articles makes your WordPress post SEO friendly. 

2. CSS Method

If you want to change the paragraphs font ze, then best way to do it by using CSS.

This change will affect all paragraph size in your WordPress website. If you want to change font size in wordpress by using CSS then you need to add this CSS code in custom CSS. Code is given Below.

p {
You can find custom CSS option in theme customization. Please follow this path Appearance » customize » custom CSS
This CSS code will affect all paragraph in your website and you will loose your changes when you change theme.

3. Tiny MCE Advanced Plugin

For change font size in WordPress you can use Tiny MCE Advance Plugin. This plugin will give you better control in text formatting. You can easily change the font size, font color, and can find many formatting option for writer.

You need to install TinyMCE advance plugin and after the activation you can edit many things like pro. It’s very popular and free plugin for WordPress users.change font size, wordpress, text formating

After activation of this plugin you can add many tools in your WordPress editor. To add tools in editor follow the path Settings » TinyMCE Advance. Now you just need to drag and drop buttons from Unused Buttons to WordPress editor.

I hope you found this article useful for your question ” How to change font size in WordPress”. Which option worked for you please let me know in the comment section below.

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