How to Import Content From Docx to WordPress


Docx to WordPress: Docx is a very popular editor in this time. Most content writers use this for write and share. But if you want to Import that content on WordPress and looking for a solution for this, then you are at the right place.

I am going to share the easiest way to import content from Docx to WordPress.

Before you learn this method to import content from Docx to WordPress, you must know about WordPress for Google Docs. It’s very easy way to receiving content in Google docs as compare to Docx. You can easily import images, and all content from Google docs to WordPress.

Ok.. Let’s come to our topic. For Import content from docx to WordPress we can use fee plugin Mammoth docx converter. You can use this plugin for both, your pages and posts.

Import Docx to WordPress:

First you need to install the Mammoth docx converter plugin.

mamooth, docx converter

After installation of this plugin click on Active button. Now, If you want to add your docx content in post then go to Posts>Add New. For Page to to Page>Add New. Its depend on your requirement.

docxtowordpress, docx, wordpress

Once you done this, then at the bottom you can find select docx file option . Now, click on choose file button and select your file from your computer and upload it.

After this, click on the Insert into editor. Its done! Now you can see all content data in your WordPress post editor. You just need to do basic editing and once you done, hit the publish button.

What about the Images ?

You are worry about images, then don’t worry you can import images with the help of this plugin.

But, it doesn’t keep the image name intact and this thing affects the SEO. Image Optimization is also important for SEO so you have to change the image name. And I have a solution for this thing 🙂

You can use media file renamer plugin. This plugin will help you to change the image file name and its very important for SEO.

Import content from docx to WordPress is not a fastest way. I suggest my readers, to give access to authors of your wordpress with correct rights. But, if you are not comfortable to do this thing, then you can use Google Docs to WordPress. Its a good and fast method as compare to docx to WordPress.

If you have any other trick, then please share with us. And please let me know if you find this article useful in your case. If you want to ask something, then please share your questions in the comment section below.

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