How To Write SEO Friendly Post


Write SEO friendly post

You want to write SEO friendly post ? Then this post will help you to get the same. In this article many SEO points are covered. In this post I am going to tell you about Keyword density, meta description, internal links, external links, focus Keyword selection etc.

SEO friendly post writing is the part of on page SEO. If you are new in blogging, then it quite possible you don’t know about on page SEO and off page SEO. 

One Page SEO is the on page action to improve the search engine ranking. As you can understand by the name of “on page SEO”. Means, if we do some modifications in our articles to improve the search engine optimization. And these modifications called one page SEO.

On other hand, off page SEO is the another part of search engine optimization. Off page SEO we use to increase the authority of website. Backlinks, guest posting, directory submission etc. are the part of off page SEO.

Now, come to our main topic, ” How to write SEO friendly post ?”

For writing SEO friendly post you have to keep these points in your mind:

1. Use Original and Unique Content.
2. Heading and Sub-Heading.
3. Internal and External Links.
4. Focus Keyword Selection
5. Image Optimization.
6. Keyword Density.
7. Meta Description.
8. Use Paragraph
9. Article Length
10. Font selection

These are the most important points to write SEO friendly post.  Now, you have a better understanding of on page SEO, Off page SEO and important points to write SEO friendly post. So, now we are going to understand these points in detail.

Use Original and Unique Content

Original and Unique Content is the first thing which you have to keep in mind when you start writing. Many bloggers are using copy content from other blogs. But, copy content is not good for SEO. So, please try to write unique content.

You can get ideas from other blogs. To get ideas, read other blogs which are related to your niche and write them in your way.

Suppose, You want to write about the same topic “How to write SEO friendly post”. Now, you can write this heading in your own way. Like : How to write SEO friendly post in WordPress, Easy steps to write SEO content etc.

Heading and Sub-Headings

Headings are most important in blog writing. Without heading and sub heading you can’t make your post visible in search engine. Headings will help you to make your post readable for readers.  Nobody reads pages from top to bottom. By breaking an article with headings, user can scan the page faster and more effectively.

Search engine also use headings as an indicator of what text is most important on the page.

Internal and External links

Internal Links: Internal links is a type of hyperlinks. When we insert our website links on text then these are called internal linking.
External Links: External links are also a part of hyperlinks. When we insert other website links in our articles then these are called external linking.

add, link, internal link, external link

Linking is important for SEO, because these links provide a good quality information. When google start ranking your page, then they check the number of inbound, outbound links, backlinks etc . So in the rankings of your page the role of these links is most important.

Focus Keyword Selection

When user typing anything in Google search box then he/she gets results based on that text. Suppose, if I am going to search on Google for “Write SEO friendly post” then Google will show the result related to this topic.

If you add this keyword in your post as focus keyword then your blog will come in search result. Focus keyword selection will help you to increase your post SEO.

If you have WordPress website then you can select your focus keyword by using Yoast plugin.

Image Optimization

By Image optimization you can easily rank in Google Image search result. Specially if you are dealing with services, products on your website.

You can easily drive traffic to your website by image optimization. In image optimization you have to add Alt tags, because search engine can read Alt tags,  not your images.

Keyword Density

Density of keyword is  playing a good role in blog post SEO.

Keyword density is the percentage of your focus keyword as compare to the total number of words. And now you know, why we use focus keyword in our article ! . it will help to google or any search engine  to determine your post is relevant to a specific keyword.

It is very important to keep the keyword density in safe ratio. Because if we use our focus keyword more then 3% then its not good for SEO. So try to keep this ratio from 1% -3% in your post.

Meta Description

The meta description is the summary for your page. When you search anything in google then you can see that meta description with every title.

meta,description, meta description

Meta description helps search engines to understand about the page. And after that index your URLs according to relevant keywords.

Use Paragraph

No one, like to read your post if you don’t use Paragraph in your article. Good paragraphing helps reader to understand and enjoy your writing.

Article Length

Google always tries to rank the highest quality content. Because they want to give the best result for there users. If you write your content in good quantity with good quality then definitely it will help to get good ranking in Google, Yahoo, bing etc.

300 to 500 words are recommended for best SEO. But you can make it longer then 500 because it will help to rank as compare to less then 500. But make it at least 300, this is the minimum value for good SEO.

Font selection

Good fonts gives good looks. If you are using good fonts for your blog post then readers will enjoy your writing. it will help to grow your subscriber. If you want to change font size or want to customize WordPress editor then check Change Font Size in WordPress Website .

Please let me know, if you have any question about this topic. Share your thoughts in comment section. Please share this post with your friends. 



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